Shop within an interactive video, indispensable for your online marketing

The wider definition of shoppable video

In all my talks with people about shoppable video everybody seems to know what shoppable video is but everybody has a different concept of it. Not so strange cause indeed it can be seen as a much wider concept. With Videotier we have developed a wide range of ecommerce solutions for interactive video and we are still perfecting it. The ultimate implementation which we are currently working on is in video payments where your audience doesn’t need to leave the video to purchase the products or services highlighted in the video.

Higher conversion with your interactive video

Once we started working on an ecommerce solution we were perfecting a button or banner in the video that could link to a booking or a specific product page. ‘Book now’ or ‘See for more product details’ was already a huge success in click through rates. People do get inspired by the products and services in the video and want to understand more about them.

People also make very quick (ir)rational decisions when it comes to purchases. For this we needed a different implementation that would keep the viewer in the same environment allowing him to make it purchase decision in the experience.

In video shopping

We developed an integration tool for shopping modules, where we could pull all the product information out of the webstore to display it in the video. The viewer then was able to read the product description, see more images and to choose size and colour all in the same product overlay. Once the selection was done the viewer could go straight to the checkout and finalise its purchase on the clients’ webstore.

Stand out with Videotier

It’s definitely an integration which makes you stand out. It’s not only a smart integration that grows your brand awareness amongst your public. it gives you that tool you need to make that purchase reality when you have your clients inspired to buy your product. You receive the payment and the order. Our system does not touch that.

In video payment

Currently we are working on in video payment. We believe if you allow your audience to pay for your product within the video, combined with campaigns (social media and online affiliates) you have a very new effective marketing channel to your disposal. Beta test already proven successful.

Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about shoppable video, or get started straight away for free and experience it for yourself. I guarantee you that you have your first shoppable video up and running within minutes.

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