Lead generation with interactive video

Track leads within Video

Online marketing is big business. In my years of experience I have met online marketeers with great skills and vision. But they don’t have it easy. The competition is fierce and there are multiple products and services to use from lead generation to sales application. And to just be focused on mailings will just not cut it anymore. A new challenge appears: online video. I know there are several ways as to how interactive video can bring value to your video marketing strategy/challenge. In this bog I will share the most important one: lead generation.

Track your audience with interactive video

The biggest challenge you encounter publishing video content is you don’t know who your audience is. The second biggest challenge is you do not know what your audience is watching and when they are leaving the video. And because you won’t be able to track this data it is impossible to do a follow up.  You are not able to develop a marketing strategy. Well, until now.

Pleased to meet your audience

With Videotier you are able to ask your audience to log in with their social media account or by filling in their email address. This information can be stored directly in your mail client or CRM system. Now you have a name and an email address and a timestamp. The results in past video projects are astonishing. Audiences have a high willingness to login with their personal accounts. It even surprised us a few times.

Try it for free!

Now you have them in your marketing system. You can do a follow up depending on whatever the goals are you want to achieve with your marketing strategy. There is much more functionalities you can use in your video to determine, what your audience is like, what they are inspired with. If you want to explore this yourself you can get started here. You can enjoy a first month totally for free.

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