Video is an immense powerful medium to inspire and also to influence people. It has been over a century. Not much has been done to challenge the idea of online video being linear. Publishers and advertisers have used pre- and postroll advertisement to create a profitable income stream. But much further it hasn’t evolved. This is surprising since the internet exists because of interaction. Only YouTube has been challenging this idea, by creating buttons and deeplinks. But there is so much more to interactive video.

People want to watch video

People it is the year 2017 and to stand out with your brand you need to be distinctive. Yes, to record and produce a video can be daunting, but a huge majority of the internet users doesn’t read anymore. They want to see a video. So create your own audience and do it with video.

Let your viewers react and participate

With every presentation or pitch that you do you want to inspire people and to convince them that you are what they are looking for. Isn’t it strange that within an online video you are doing exactly the same but your audience is not able to (re-)act or participate? We are Videotier and we think if you do not interact you are missing out on your business opportunities.

Publish your first interactive video

The world of interactive video can be overwhelming. But with all things, start somewhere, learn and evolve. With the Videotier suite you can publish your first interactive video within minutes and advertise it on your website, partner websites and social media without blinking. If you have already a video running on your website we challenge you to add a button or banner that needs to a landingpage. What do you have to lose? It’s free of charge so let’s get started!

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