Getting started

create your video template

In the menu you find ‘video template’ which redirects you to the page where you can create your video template
Choose ‘New player template’ and choose a template name.
1. Appearances
Choose your appearance color and big play button color with the colour picker. You can also choose to fill in your colour codes.
2. Controls
Choose which elements you wish to display in your control bar by choosing on and off.

Once you happy with your compilation you save your creation. You can easily create multiple player themes for different videos. To edit or delete a template select an existing theme in the dropdown.

How to upload a video

In the menu you find ‘add video’ or ‘all videos’. If you click all videos you are redirected to the video overview page. Here you click on the button ‘add video’ which you find in the top right corner. The ‘add video’ popup is displayed. Follow the steps one by one and use the tooltips if you need any help.

1. MP4 link
Copy and paste the MP4 link in the video URL and press ‘Add’. The video gets displayed instantly.
2. Choose solution
Do you already know which of the Videotier solutions you want to use for this video then choose in the dropdown. If you are not yet sure, or you wish to add another interactive feature click ‘none’.
3. Fill in all the information
Fill in the title of your video and a video description, and add tags. Do be aware the better you choose your words the better for your SEO performance.
4. Pick your video ratio and size
Choose the ratio (video size) that you wish. We advice you to go for 1280 px x 720 px by default. If you need some more help deciding on your video ratio and sizes you can visit
5. Select Player Theme
Before you upload a video you should create your video template. You can decide which play buttons and what you want in your control bar. You can also pick your colors to match your house style.
6. Upload an image
Upload an image. This image is used as a splashimage (placeholder) if the video is not yet playing.
7. Upload Facebook image
If you want to start a video campaign on Facebook you have to add a second splashimage. It would be advisable to add a playbutton in the image, so people understand the image is used to start a video
8. Add next video
If you want to automatically start another video when this video is finished, you can choose this video here. All videos which you have uploaded in the suite can be found here.
9. Autoplay, Loop, Mute, Sharing option
Do you want to autoplay the video, do you want to replay the video over and over again, don’t you want sound, and do you want your viewers to share your video on social media, you can select your options with the checboxes.

Add interactivity to your video

Add the interactive feature from the right through the drag and drop facility. Place the element right in the video. Use the timeline to nail it to tenth of a second.

1. Drag and drop facility
Adding interactivity to your video is easy. Drag the app you want to add to your video and drop it on top of the video. The app popup will appear that will guide you on the next steps.

2. the easy to use timeline
The easily to use timeline you find below the video. If you have more features added you can easily pull the element you editing to the front moving the element up. Play the video and see where and when the feature is displayed. You can finetune the place of the feature in the video. With the timeline anchors you can move the display time to the back and front.

Publish your interactive video

Once you are finalised with the creation of your interactive video it is time to publish it online. Videotier offers three ways to publish video: (1) on any website by copy and paste the embedded code in the HTML, (2) share on Twitter and (3) share on Facebook. The share video popup appears when you click on.

To embed your code, copy and paste the code into your HTML. Below you find an example from WordPress as to where you need to paste the code in the content editor.