Grow your mailing list insanely fast.

Generate leads within online video.

Give your audience a name and a face. Be amazed with possibilities of in video lead generation.

Data collection within online video has never been easier

The lead generation tool allows your viewers to view your video content after logging in with their social media account (e.g. Facebook) or with their email account. The collected data is then pushed to your email service provider or CRM software, growing your mailing list insanely fast.

With just one click you obtain a treasure with segmented user data. A good moment to start targeting your audience with unique / personalised email marketing campaign.

Choose your apps and start collecting data

Select a social media app your viewers can log in with. Then select an email service account or CRM software you want to store the collected data. Connect is easy and completely automated. All the data which is collected in the video will then be pushed to your mailing list automatically.

Now you choose the interactive overlay for lead generation of your choice. Make a selection of the data you want to retrieve from your viewers. And you ready to go. It is really as easy as it sounds.


Share your Videotier video easily on Facebook and Twitter. Create a campaign and let it run for you. With our easy to use platform you can do this with a single click, making this a powerful campaign tool that works out your marketing strategy.


Videotier can integrate with your online marketing activities. Just add video to it, and we easily integrate with your online affiliate partner to distribute your video. Why change a winning formula when you can easily add interactive features with them. This makes your marketing budget go further.


With the Videotier analytics we allow you to optimise your video interactions and make it easy to find out which video creates the most effect with your audience. Videotier identifies and tracks those that are watching your videos, this makes it easy to obtain and use this data to optimize your processes.

Yes I am convinced. I want interactive video.