Interactive videos that converts

The interactive video platform for your online marketing


Make your video interactive within minutes. Upload the video, drag ‘n drop an interactive feature on top of the video. Use the easy to use timeline to set a start and end time. Customize your player. And you’re set. Anyone can use it to create unique interactive video experiences.

Plug ‘n play

Plug ‘n play. Make your video interactive within minutes. Publish across all platforms on all devices, even iOS.

Drag ‘n drop

Drag ‘n drop the element on top of the video. Place it where you want and use the easy timeline to display the element whenever you want.

Customise player

Customize colour and controls of your video player! Select the controls and functionalities that you need, and make your video matches with your company.

Easy to use timeline

Easy to use time line manager. Real time play with the from and end time anchor. You manage when the element is displayed in the video.

Third party API integrations

We have integrated with many third party tools varying from email marketing clients, CMS, shopping carts and social media. In Videotier suite you can easily connect to these third party tools and integrate with your existing online infrastructure. Easily embed videos from WISTIA, Vimeo, YouTube and normal MP4 files. Connect to your favourite email client and CRM system. Make a connection to your shopping cart to get started with Videotier’s shopping solutions.

Third party apps

Easily connect to the third party apps you already use like email clients, CRM.

Video hosting

Embed video sources from Wistia, Vimeo and YouTube, or a common MP4 file. No need to change your video hosting.

Video campaigns

Videotier made campaigns easy. Go viral any time on Facebook and Twitter.

Shopping carts

Connect to your open source shopping cart with ease and start selling your products within video video.


Launch the video with a simple action on any platform. Start a video campaign on social media. Easily let your audience share your video through social media. Our interactive features are fast and distributed globally, we ensure up time and throughput.

Interactive on all devices

Yes interactivity on all devices. And by that we mean all devices.

Adapt to social

Easily let your audience share your video through social media.

Lightning fast

Our interactive features are fast and distributed globally, we ensure uptime and throughput.

SEO optimised

Our videos are indexed by search engines and return results for your website.

Our WooCommerce plugin for shoppable video is out. The best way to sell products from within video …. Get started today


Analyse and monitor the behaviour of your audience. Capture valuable inputs. Use email and social media logins to track leads. Transform your leads into clients by embedding this data to your mail and CRM clients. Determine your audiences’ knowledge levels and provide them a personalised experience. Whatever your goal is Videotier got you covered.

Extreme analytics

All the required data you need at hand to optimize your interactive video campaigns.


Integrate with services you already use like Facebook, Mailchimp and Woocommerce.

Lead generation and sales optimization

Capture leads and turn them into active participants and purchasing clients.

Learning & education

Let your audience choose their personal journey. Track progress and optimize your audience learning curve.