And the future will be interactive video

And the future will be interactive (video)

Interactive video seems to be the future, and brings a lot of opportunity both for brands as well as publishers to track viewers and monetize video. When it comes to content and product marketing or SEO purposes, interactive video is a pretty smart solution.

Video static? Not anymore

Video has proven effective to create brand awareness and help viewers make informed decisions and product purchases. But traditional video is static. It’s advisable to consider interactive video to get the most out of viewers. Think about it. The moment the viewer is inspired it’s time to strike! With interactive video you are able to do this.

Interactive video can be a great way to generate leads or sell products within online video itself. It’s also possible to add personalized storytelling and provide viewers with an individual video journey and at the same time have a dialogue with them. Even gamification is possible. Really the sky is the limit.

Interactive video campaign on social media

You can choose to place videos on your own site. But interactive video campaigns are also possible throughout social media and with online affiliates. And interactivity is available on every device. Imagine what your campaign reach could be. In essence you do not need your site anymore to f.e. sell your products as in video payments are a reality now.

Let us show you how…

If you are considering interactive video, do not hesitate. It’s really not difficult to upload a video, add interactivity and publish your campaign. If you want us to show you how to do it, just fill in this form and we show you how in a personal phone call.

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