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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use other video sources than MP4?

You can easily upload a video file or embed an mp4 URL in the suite. If you embed an URL we only allow an mp4 for the Iphone solution to be able to run.

Does VideoTier also allow interactivity on Iphones and Tablets?

Videotier is available on all devices. Also on Iphone. To make interactivity run on Iphones you have to make sure the embedded URL is an mp4 link, f.e. from your Vimeo Pro account.

How do I place an interactive video online?

With the Videotier suite it’s so easy to distribute a video online. Copy and paste the provided Iframe code where you would like to and the video runs. We also provide an easy Facebook and Twitter sharing option. VPAID standardisation is available in the customized plan.

Can I become a reseller or affiliate to VideoTier?

You can easily use the referral option in the suite. If you would like to explore more options to work together we should talk. Reach out to us and we figure out the best way of working together.

Can i design my own interactive templates and implement in the suite?

Using your own templates are momentarily only available in the customised plan. With the video template builder you already have all the freedom you can wish for making the video player the way you like to. For custom interactive video layers integration drop us a line.

Can VideoTier integrate with a third party on request like for example Sales Force?

Sure thing. Actually what is available in the Videotier suite is pretty nifty. However if you need other integration, just give us a shout. More than likely we are as excited as your are and we have it ready for you in no time.

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