8 reasons to make your online videos interactive

8 reasons to make your online videos interactive

Actually…  if you haven’t considered video before. Internet usage is more and more moving towards video. What can we learn of this trend? People don’t want to read, they prefer to watch a video. But video is linear. And although people like to be informed they don’t want to search around because they simply don’t have the time. So you should become smarter in how you present your brand. Interactive video portals can help you to do this and service your clients better.

Why you should make your videos interactive:

  1. If your video is long, add chapters to it. Your viewers will know what they need to watch.
  2. Offer your clients a individualised path to watch video’s. Create deeplinks to other video’s for in depth information or related video content.
  3. Communicate with your audience on a personal level. Ask them questions, and use this information to really create a valuable relationship.
  4. Gather contact information. You can be a bit peculiar. Why should you allow your content to be watched for free. Instead of asking money, ask for their name and email address.
  5. When is the best moment to ask people to participate? Right when they are most inspired. This is exactly what you want to do with your video. So why not interact?
  6. Make it simpler for your audience. Let them choose but limit the amount of clicks they have to go through within the video. This is exactly what you want to achieve in your webshop with call to actions and limit page depth.
  7. Stand out. Your audience wants to be inspired, surprised but also serviced. Interactive video gives you that cool edge so you can stand out. Be inspiring, grow you brand awareness
  8. Embrace the possibilities of interactive video. Actually all the features you expect a website should have are already available in video: contact forms, text layers, pin points, shop modules, links, contact details, even gamification. Go wild in your brainstorm, and I still bet its possible to do it within video.

So start using Videotier. Upload your video, add interactivity and publish it online. Simple asct that. And why not give it a go. It’s totally free the first month, sign up now 

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